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Emergency Management (EM)

Are You Ready?

JBLM Hazard Awareness and Emergency Preparedness Program

Located in the Pacific Northwest, JBLM can experience natural disasters, including floods, landslides, severe weather storms, wildland fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Our region also faces the possibility of disruptions to the transportation and utility systems; train, plane, and ship accidents; hazardous material spills; criminal and terrorist incidents; and the spread of contagious disease.

In order to maintain readiness and ensure the well-being of our Soldiers, Airmen, civilians, retirees, and their families, we all need to be prepared to respond to emergencies. Disasters can strike quickly and without warning. What would you do if basic services such as: food, water, gas, electricity, medical care, telephones, were cut off?

Emergency Preparedness means being prepared for all kinds of emergencies; being able to respond in time of crisis to save lives and property; and to help your community return to normal life after a disaster occurs.

Hazard Awareness

Biological Hazard Chemical Hazard Contagious Disease
Drought Earthquake Fire
Flood Hazardous Material Spill Landslide
Lightning Power Outage Radiological Hazard
Summer Weather Terrorism Thunderstorm
Tornado Tsunami Volcano
Winter Weather    


Emergency Preparedness Planning

Disaster Planning Disaster Supply Kit Family Disaster Plan
Disaster Plan for Children Disaster Plan for Pets Disaster Plan for People w/ Special Needs
Shelter-in-Place Plan Prepare Your Home Food & Water in an Emergency
Workplace Disaster Plan Fun Things for Kids Financial Planning for Emergencies
Dealing with Stress Make a Plan  


Emergency Warning and Notification on JBLM, Lewis-Main, Lewis-North, McChord Field

Under certain situations there may be a need to release timely and accurate information to the installation concerning emergency preparedness, response, and recovery in a cooperative approach with the media.  Information will be disseminated or available through a variety of mediums.  Monitor the following during emergency situations for the most current information:

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