Locks & Keys

About Locks & Keys

PW provides maintenance, installation and replacement of lock systems installed in real property, and provides government key duplication service.

Lock systems handled by PW include:

  • Interior and exterior building door locks
  • Vault door combination locks
  • Mechanical and electrical cipher locks
  • Digital cipher locks
Lock Shop Limitations

What PW does not provide...

  • PW lock service does not include locks on office furniture, as this is not considered real property. However the lock shop does have an authorized list of vendors available for such repair.
  • Individuals may be held liable for the cost of restoring integrity to a lock system should keys be lost. For example, if a lost key accesses four doors, the locks on all four doors would require replacement and the individual could be held liable for the entire replacement cost.
Special Service

About Special Service ...

  • Service for reprogramming electronic locking devices, lock repair or other authorized services are obtained by calling the Customer Service Section, 253-967-3131 and speaking with a service order clerk.

Lock & Keys:
253-967-3131 Option #2

To Obtain Service

Routine Service:

  • Submit a memo to PW, ATTN: Customer Service, stating the reason for the duplication. List the key letters (1-3) and key numbers (1-4) found on the key or lock keyway; list quantity, building number, unit/activity, point of contact and a telephone number. The request must be signed by a 1SG or above and sent to the PW Customer Service or brought to Building 2044, Door #3, or FAX to 966-1690, ATTN: Customer Service. Again, memorandums must be authorized by 1SG or above.


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