Pest Control

About Pest Control

Public Works provides Joint Base Lewis-McChord with professional pest management services.

In this context, a pest is viewed as something which could be a disease vector or harmful to people or property.

Organization to contact - Different types of pests

Different organization's responsibility for the types of pests:

  • EQR - Please note: Equity Residential Communities are responsible for all pest issues in the housing areas that are the size of a raccoon and smaller.
  • Public Works will address all larger pest issues.
  • Military Police are responsible for stray dogs and cats.

Pest Control:
253-967-3131 Option #2


Lady Bug Infestation:

  • The Asian ladybug hibernates each winter in dry, dark areas such as attics, so don't be surprised to find an unusually high concentration of them indoors each fall and spring as they enter and exit hibernation. Since the ladybug is a beneficial insect that does not carry diseases, the first suggestion from PW Pest Control is prevention and tolerance, so make sure your window screens are in good condition and doors are not propped open.


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