COL Robert B. McNellis

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Colonel Robert B. McNellis

CSM Matthew G. Thompson

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Command Sergeant CSM Matthew G. Thompson

42nd MP Brigade Mission:

On order, 42nd MP Brigade deploys to provide command and control for Corps/Joint Task Force Military Police
operations; deploys trained and ready units from Joint Base Lewis-McChord to conduct unified land operations
in support of combatant commanders; conducts law enforcement and corrections operations on JBLM;
provides tactical and garrison sustainment support to I Corps and tenant units.

Battalion Info

BN Phone Numbers

504th MP: (253) 967-4339

508th MP: (253) 967-7675

13th CSSB: (253) 967-4708

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504th MP Battalion

508th MP Battalion
BDE Phone Roster
Staff Duty: (253) 967-7972

S1: (253) 966-7880/8065

S2: (253) 967-4360

S3: (253) 967-5978

S4: (253) 966-4206

S6: (253) 967-1603

Legal: (253) 966-0626

Chaplain: (253) 967-9256

PAO: (253) 967-1603

FRSA: (253) 967-9438

SHARP: (253) 966-9487

42nd Military Police Brigade History


The history of the 42D MP Brigade began with the establishment of the 7751st MP Detachment on 21 March 1949 to fight organized and widespread black-market activities, which posed a serious threat to the German economy. The unit enforced US European Command Customs Regulations, investigated customs violations, controlled movement of black marketable goods, and manned twenty-three border stations used by US military personnel crossing the international borders of US occupied Germany.


In August 1950, the US High Commission for Germany requested the services of the "Customs Unit," later designated as the 42D MP Detachment, to control the eastward movement of restricted goods to "Satellite Bloc" countries. On 1 November 1952, the 42D MP Detachment was relieved of its strategic export control function, and the mission was resumed by German authorities. In May 1955, Germany regained sovereignty, and under the Bonn Forces Convention, the 42D MP Detachment was again charged with establishing customs controls within Germany.


On 25 January 1968, the 42D MP Group was constituted in the Regular Army and activated in Germany. The group was charged with providing customs enforcement and maintaining liaison and cooperation with German customs authorities at all levels. In addition, the group was responsible for establishing customs policies and procedures for the Federal Republic of Germany and to negotiate with German authorities US Forces entitlements associated with customs issues within the NATO Status of Forces Agreement.


On 13 December 1974, drug suppression operations and anti-hijack protection were added to the mission of the 42D MP Group, and shortly thereafter, the Group became the Executive Agent for all customs matters in US European Command. As the Executive Agent, the 42D MP Group provided staff supervision over the US Military Customs inspection programs in 11 countries throughout Europe. This responsibility included staff supervision of 169 military customs inspection programs operated by the US Army, Navy and Air Force. In August 1994, the 42D MP Group was inactivated with the military drawdown of US Military Forces in Europe.


On 16 October 2004, the 42D MP Brigade was activated at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington and deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06. Charged with training, supporting and partnering with Iraqi Police forces, the work of the 42D MP Brigade exponentially increased Iraqi Police readiness, while simultaneously providing tremendous force protection to US and Coalition partners.


On 16 March 2008, the 42D MP Brigade deployed again in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to conduct theater-wide internment facility and reconciliation center operations and manage an Iraqi Correctional Officer Training Academy. While deployed, the HHC became the cornerstone of Task Force Bucca, a partner to MND-SE, the local Iraqi communities, and an integral part of JTF 134 implementing care and custody with dignity and respect.


Since its activation, the Brigade successfully maintained the critical balance between directing multi-service corrections operations at the Northwestern Joint Regional Correctional Facility; directing emergency services and force protection operations in support of Joint Base Lewis-McChord US Army Garrison; and preparing units and Soldiers for world-wide combat and combat support operations. Units normally assigned under the 42D MP Brigade flag include the 504th and the 508th MP Battalions at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and the 759th MP Battalion at Fort Carson.


In February 2012, Headquarter and Headquarters Company, 42D Military Police Brigade deployed to Parwan Province to conduct theater level detention operations at the Detention Facility in Parwan. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in March of 2012 by the International Security Assistance Forces Commander and the Afghan Defense Minister. The MoU changed HHC's mission by adding a Train, Advise, Assist and security force assistance establishing an Afghan National Army Military Police Division and three-star command. HHC redeployed in November after a successful transition of authority to 333D Military Police Brigade. This was the first deployment under Operation Enduring Freedom for HHC.