COL David S. Pierce


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Command Sergeant Major:

CSM Stanley C. McQueen


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2nd Infantry Division Artillery "DIVARTY"

DIVARTY Mission:


The 2nd Infantry Division Artillery (DIVARTY) is a team committed to the Redleg profession, mastering their warfighting trade, developing leaders and Soldiers, and caring for our families. This organization provides standards-based fire supporters to meet the requiremnets of their supported manuever, always.


Unit Phone Numbers

1-37 FA BN Staff Duty: (253) 967-6233


2-17 FA BN Staff Duty: (253) 967-3400










Sponsorship Info

Phone Numbers

Command Group: (253) 967-7331


Staff Duty: (253) 967-5487


Chaplain: (504) 717-0860


PAO: (253) 477-2377


SHARP: (253) 341-1122


S1: (253) 966-5271


S2: (253) 966-5271


S3: (253) 967-2377


S4: (253) 967-9341


S6: (253) 966-5017



2nd Infantry Division Artillery History


Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 2nd Infantry Division Artillery was constituted on 21 September 1917, in the regular Army as Headquarters, 2nd Field Artillery Briagde. Partially organized in October of 1917 at Governors Island, New York, and assigned to the 2nd Division (later re-designated as the 2nd Infantry Division) the organization of the unit was completed in January of 1918 in France. During World War I, firing in support of both U.S. and Allied Forces, the 2nd Field Artillery Brigade participated in key battles fought at Asisne-Marne, Lorraine and Meuese-Argonne. For its actions the unit was awarded the French Croiz de Guerre with 2 Palms and the French Fourragere.


The 2nd Division Artillery entered World War II with the Normandy landing on 7 June 1944 and fired support of the Division through France, Belgium, Germany and finally into Czechoslovakia. In July 1945, the 2nd Division Artillery departed Le Havre, France for Camp Swift, Texas and began training for operations in the Pacific Theater. The war in the Pacific ended before it could be deployed. For its actions in World War II the unit earned campaign streamers embroidered Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe. The unit was mentioned in official dispatches for action in Ardennes and Elsenborn Crest and was awarded the Belgian Fourragere.


During the active hostilities of the Korean War conflict, the 2nd Division Artillery moved with the rest of the Division into the Pusan perimeter in August 1950. The 2nd Division Artillery fired in support of U.S., ROK, and UN forces until the cessation of the war and deployed back to Fort Lewis, Washington, in 1954. For actions in Korea the unit earned ten Campagian Streamers and was awarded 2 Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations for actions at Hongchon and Nakton River Line.


Upon its inactivation in November of 2006, the 2nd Infantry Division Artillery was the largest in the Army and contained more Multiple-Launced Rocket Systems (MILRS) than any other DIVARTY. The Division Artillery boasted top quality Soldiers and leaders, both American and Korean, who were equipped and trained to deter and defend against North Korean aggression in defense of the people of the Republic of South Korea.


2nd Infantry Division Artillery: Forward


In December of 2012, the Commanding General of the Fires Center of Excellence, Major General James M. McDonald, submitted a force design update to restablish Field Artillery command headquarters in echelons above brigade at division and corps levels. The Army decision to implement DIVARTYs provide Field Artillery (FA) capabilities (planning, synchornization, and coordination) to Divisions to execute strategic, operational, and tactical fires in support of Unified Land Operations (ULO) and to provide effective mission command for the training and readiness of attached FA units.