On behalf of the 7th Infantry Division Headquarters Support Company Command Team, CPT Zachary DeGroot and 1SG James Walters, welcome to Joint Base Lewis-McCord (JBLM) and the Bayonet Team of Teams. Your first step of in-processing will be at Waller Hall, where your sponsor will meet you on the second day, to ensure you and your family receive all the required information pertaining to the surrounding area. If you have school-aged children, services and locations will be provided during the in-processing at Waller Hall. Your spouse can also obtain job information and receive assistance from agencies such as ACS, AER and Red Cross, which are conveniently located in Waller Hall. Your sponsor will have a list of all the support agencies on the installation. If you decide to live off-post, Waller Haller will refer you to the Housing Office, which will provide listings of off-post housing opportunities. Please ensure you bring all your supporting documentation when you have departed your losing unit to expedite the in-processing phase, especially all documents to complete your finance in-processing.

As a Soldier assigned to 7th Infantry Division, you will play an essential role in assisting the TEAM as we execute missions, supporting more than 20,000 Soldiers in 7 brigades. 7th Infantry Division is a team comprised of professionals, focused on Leader Development, Accountability, and care of Soldiers and Families. Remember the basics - Soldier skills and doctrine. Once again, welcome to the Bayonet Team of Teams. We look forward to making this transition a positive experience for you and your Family.





United States Army Song "The Army Goes Rolling Along"


7th Infantry Division "New Arirang March" Song

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