CSF2 - Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness

The Army’s Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) Training Center educates and trains Soldiers, Families and DA Civilians to strengthen their minds and perform at their best when it matters most: in combat, healing after an injury or managing work and home life. By employing the nation’s top performance psychologists, using their experiences and placing them at Army installations, CSF2 Training Center tailors training and education to be specific and relevant to all Soldiers, Families and Civilians.

Performance Enhancement & Resilience

Utilizing the Performance Enhancement Model, the CSF2 trainers teach Soldiers how to develop the mental skills intrinsic to the Warrior Ethos. The CSF2 Training Center provides a systematic way to build mental and emotional strength, based on the solid foundation of sport and performance psychology, to increase performance and resilience as a decisive element and the key to success on and off the modern battlefield.

Using customized evidence-based study skills instruction designed to maximize the performance potential and increase the likelihood of academic success for learners in military training and civilian education settings, the CSF2 Training Center furthers individual and Unit performance & cohesion, builds Family Teams, and cultivates the Warrior Ethos in Army Soldiers and Civilians. CSF2 trainers also assist Soldiers in developing the mental and emotional skills that promote successful transition from injury back to duty or civilian life, and teaches Soldiers and Family members to combine appropriate study strategies and mental skills to optimize classroom performance.

Learn more about the CSF2 Performance Enhancement model: http://csf2.army.mil/performance-enhancement.html.

CSF2 Services at JBLM


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  • Leader Development Course
    • 14-18 JUL 2014
    • 15-19 SEP 2014
    • 20-24 OCT 2014
    • 17-21 NOV 2014
  • Performance Enhancement Seminar
    • 23 JUL 2014
    • 29 OCT 2014
  • Student Success Course
    • 24 JUL 2014
    • 30 OCT 2014
  • Eight Hour Executive Course
    • 19 AUG 2014
    • 9 SEPT 2014
    • 14 OCT 2014
    • 18 NOV 2014
    • 16 DEC 2014
  • Sixteen Hour Executive Course
    • 21-22 JULY 2014
    • 25-26 AUG 2014
    • 23-24 SEPT 2014
    • 21-22 OCT 2014
    • 12-13 NOV 2014
    • 17-18 DEC 2014



  • Army CSF2 - Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness
    • Information about the Dept. of the Army's training program designed to equip Soldiers, Family Members, and Army Civilians to face the physical and psychological challenges of sustained operations. The program focuses on the five dimensions of strength: physical, emotional, social, family, and spiritual.
  • Performance Enhancement & Learning Enhancement
    • The CSF2 Performance Enhancement Model is based on over four decades of scientific research and recognized best practices in the field of sport and performance psychology. The tenets underlying excellence in human performance are applicable to all professional occupations. The mental and emotional skills required to excel on the athletic field are similar to the skills underlying excellence on the battlefield, in the classroom, in the workplace, and at home. CSF2 tailors the delivery of the program to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of Army organizations and populations.