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NOTICEIf your DoD issued ID Card has the SSN printed on the card it will not work with AIE.  DoD stopped printing the SSN on ID Cards in 2010 as a security measure following increased incidents of identity theft.  The JBLM ID Card Section will issue you a new ID Card without the SSN on request.  Contact the ID Card Section to schedule an appointment.



Installation Access Control

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is a closed military installation.DoD affiliated personnel are authorized access to the installation on presentation of their DoD issued ID Card.Persons without a DoD ID Card are not allowed entry to JBLM unless they have met entry requirements in accordance with DoD and Army regulations.JBLM Installation Access Control Points are manned by Department of the Army Civilian Guards, Military Police and Augmentation Soldiers.

Despite various security features incorporated in DoD issued ID Cards, criminals and others have developed the ability to recreate documents that are extremely hard to detect based solely on a visual inspection.To better enable our security personnel to detect these counterfeit documents when presented at an Installation Access Control Point, the Army has developed scanning technology which will compare data imbedded in the ID Card, either through the CHIP or the BAR CODE, with information in the DEERS database.The purpose is to verify that the ID Card is legitimate.The system will also display to security personnel the photograph that is in the DEERS system for comparison to the person presenting the ID Card.This system is known as Automated Installation Entry 2+ (AIE-2+).




The JBLM Security and Access Control Division (SACD) of the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) has oversight responsibility for Access Control Points and Visitor Centers.This includes the AIE-2+ program.


AIE Overview


AIE-2+ is a centrally fielded Army program that seeks to enhance security at the installation entrances and to expedite access for personnel and vehicles.AIE-2+ validates ID credentials against authoritative databases, with the primary purpose of verifying that the identification document presented is valid. The system will also enable us to quickly determine if an ID card is expired, has been reported missing, or whether the bearer has restrictions placed on them regarding access to JBLM (eg: driving restrictions).Each time an ID Card is scanned the system will also compare the information to an FBI database to determine if there is a match for an outstanding arrest warrant or for any other security related concerns.

The following DoD issued ID Cards can be scanned at the access control points on JBLM:

Common Access Card (CAC)

DD Form 2

DD Form 1173

DD Form 1173-1

DD Form 2765

We have personnel positioned on each lane who will assist motorists with scanning their ID Card into the AIE-2+ system when needed.


AIE and Security Personnel on Gates

A common misperception is that AIE-2+ will eventually result in our having gates open that are unmanned.That is not how the AIE system is designed.JBLM will never have a gate open without having Guards present to control access to the installation.AIE-2+ adds to our current security procedures by verifying that the ID card being used is, in fact, a valid ID card issued by a DoD agency. The wide availability of fake military ID cards makes it imperative that we have a system that will allow us to verify the ID Card.

There is a computer screen inside the Guard Booth.This screen displays the photograph that was taken when the ID Card was issued alongside a live camera feed of the person operating the vehicle.This allows the Guard to do a comparison between the photograph and the operator.Once the system verifies that the ID Card is valid in the DEERS database then the arm will raise to allow access.

AIE Registration

Adult DoD ID Cardholders (18 years of age or older) will be automatically registered in the system the first time they scan their ID card. Scanning the ID lane side will verify the information imbedded in the ID Card against the DEERS database and then register the person in AIE-2+.

Registration can be conducted either by:

1) Using the podium in the vehicle lane at the gate

2) Registering in person at one of the two Visitor Centers

3) Registering in person at the DES Registration Office in Waller Hall on Lewis Main

4) Registering in person at the DES Registration Office in Bldg 100 on McChord Field

Registration can be done by any person in the DEERS database who has a DoD issued ID Card with either the CHIP or a BAR Code, EXCEPT for those individuals who possess an ID Card that has the individualís Social Security Number (SSN) printed on the card.

The AIE System will not recognize these ID Cards.†† If you still have your SSN printed on your ID Card you are encouraged to contact the ID Card Section to have a new ID Card issued.Having the SSN on your ID Card increases your risk of being a victim of identity theft.


Other Forms of Identification


Adult DoD ID Cardholders also have the option of registering their state driverís license into the AIE system.Registering the driverís license will have to be done in person at one of the Visitor Centers or Registration Offices on JBLM.However, this does allow for the option of using either document for access to JBLM.This option may prove helpful for individuals who habitually leave their CAC in their computer.

Depictions of how to scan the appropriate ID card at the podium on the lane are provided down below.


AIE Badges


The JBLM DES currently issues Installation Access Cards to certain categories of personnel who require long-term recurring access to JBLM.These personnel include installation volunteers and those persons who provide care for various categories of ID Cardholders.As those Installation Access Cards expire they will be replaced with an AIE Badge.Gold Star Family Members will also be eligible to obtain an AIE Badge for entry to JBLM.


Visitor Passes for Non-DOD Cardholders.


All non-affiliated personnel requesting access to JBLM are classified as a ďVisitor.ĒAll visitors not being escorted by an adult ID Cardholder are required to process at a Visitor Center.They must provide a valid reason for entry to JBLM and will be subjected to security vetting.Guests approved for entry who are not being sponsored will be allowed access for one (1) day.Guests being sponsored onto the installation may receive pass valid for up to 90 days based on the request of the sponsor.All visitors will be registered in the AIE-2+ system and provided with a pass which can be scanned at a gate for entry to JBLM.

JBLM security personnel will not enter any person into the AIE database unless they are capable of providing a document that complies with the standards of the REAL ID Act of 2005.††

Trusted Travelers

The AIE system allows adult DoD ID Cardholders to act as a "Trusted Traveler." This means only the driver has to scan his/her identification card.Other passengers in the vehicle do not have to be scanned. Trusted Traveler only applies to those passengers in the vehicle with the adult DoD ID Cardholder. The Trusted Traveler program will be suspended at increased FPCON levels and may be periodically suspended due to system maintenance or for implementation of random antiterrorism measures.All vehicle passengers aged 16 and older should be prepared to provide photo ID to security personnel when entering JBLM.


Foreign Nationals


All foreign nationals are required to process at the Visitor Center to receive a pass.Any foreign national who is not on official business is required to be sponsored for access by an adult DOD ID Cardholder.Foreign nationals will be provided with a paper pass to present for entry to JBLM.

Trusted Traveler does not extend to foreign national visitors.If you wish to bring a foreign national guest onto the installation you must process at one of our two Visitor Centers and obtain a pass.


AIE is not a replacement for RAPIDGate.RAPIDGate enrollment is still the best option for contractor/vendor personnel who need long term, recurring access to JBLM.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on JBLM Automated Installation Entry (AIE) and some Frequently Asked Questions


AIE Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is AIE-2+?

A: AIE stands for Automated Installation Entry (AIE 2+).AIE 2+ is designed to leverage technology to increase security for the Soldiers, Family Members, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian workforce, retirees, contract employees and guests of JBLM by electronically validating an individual's identification based upon information supplied at the time of AIE registration either lane side or at one of the other AIE-2+ registration locations.


Q: If I have a CAC or Family Member ID card already, can I use it to get on the Installation using AIE-2+?

A: Yes.Anyone registered in DEERS and possessing a DoD issued ID Card who is operating a vehicle will be required to scan their ID into the automated lane side registration at the gate.Additional options for registration are to process at one of our Visitor Centers, or at our Registration Office in Waller Hall.


Q: Does everyone in my family have to register in the AIE System?

A: No, only those adult Family Members (18 or over) that drive should register.


Q: If I have a CAC and a Retiree ID card do I have to register both?

A: No. Once you are registered in the AIE 2+ system both of your cards will work at the gates.However, if your Retiree ID Card has the SSN listed on the card AIE-2+ will not recognize that document.Anyone who has their SSN printed on their ID Card is encouraged to obtain a new ID card from the ID Card Section in Waller Hall or at Bldg 100.


Q: Where do I register my ID card for AIE-2+?

A: DoD issued ID Cards can be registered lane side at a gate, at either of our two Visitor Centers, or at our Registration Office in Waller Hall.The Lewis Visitor Center is open from 0500- 2000, 7 days a week.The McChord Visitor Center is open from 0600-1930, 7 days a week.Our office in Waller Hall is open from 0730-1630, Mo-Fr.†† (Note: Waller Hall is closed on all Federal Holidays)


Q: If I do not have a CAC or any of the aforementioned ID cards, and I am not traveling with an ID Cardholder, how do I get on the Installation?

A: You are required to obtain a visitor pass.To receive a visitor pass you must process at a Visitor Center and undergo security vetting.If you require a multi-day pass you will require an approved sponsor, which is typically an adult DoD ID Cardholder.All foreign national guests are required to have an adult DoD ID Cardholder sponsor them onto JBLM. As of 1 Oct 2018 JBLM will not accept the Standard Washington Driverís License or the Washington ID cards as a form of Identification.Those persons requesting a visitor pass to JBLM must present one of the Real ID acceptable use documents required by the Real ID Act of 2005.


Click here for a list of acceptable documents to present along with a standard DL or ID Card issued by one of those states.

NOTE:The REAL ID Act requirements DO NOT apply to anyone presenting a DoD issued ID Card.


Q: How long does it take to register in the AIE system?

A: The lane side registration transaction times takes approximately 15 seconds. Once initial registration is completed each subsequent visit will take <3 seconds for the system to recognize the ID Card. Nonaffiliated visitors must register at one of the AIE registration locations with an average transaction time of 10 minutes once you have been called to the registrarís desk.


Q: Will my registration expire?

A: Yes, your registration will expire at the same time your ID card expires. You will have to re-register in the AIE system anytime you have a new ID card issued.All registration of DoD issued ID Cards can be conducted lane side.


Q: When I register at JBLM will I be able to use my card to access other installations that have the AIE-2+ system?

A: Yes.AIE-2+ is an Army-wide system which is being installed at installations across the United States.Various installations have older versions of AIE and have not yet received the AIE-2+ upgrade.The older AIE system may not recognize your ID.

Q: Will I be issued another ID card when I register in AIE?

A: No.The AIE-2+ readers at the gates are programmed to scan your DoD issued ID card.


Q: Will I have to show my identification to the guards?

Typically if you are riding in the car alone all you have to do is scan your card and the gate arm will go up and you can continue onto the installation.Guards have the authority to interrupt a transaction if they observe something that requires additional checks, or during heightened security measures.Be prepared to present your ID to the guard at any time on request.


Q: Where do I scan my card?

A.    When you pull into the lane stop at the AIE pedestal.You will see a black console for scanning the chip on a CAC.To the right of the black console you will see a small box for scanning the skinny barcode on the back of the ID card.



Installation Access Card Requests

Certain persons are authorized to receive an Installation Access Card (IAC) that can be issued as valid for 12 months.Those cards will be issued using the AIE-2+ system.Individuals must complete an application form which will be signed by their sponsor.The sponsor is required to be a DoD ID Cardholder.Individuals must undergo security vetting at one of our two Visitor Centers and have the application form validated.Once the form is validated they can proceed to Waller Hall to have their IAC issued.Individuals receiving an IAC will not be able to act as a trusted traveler or sponsor other visitors onto JBLM. 


General Access Information


Access to JBLM is restricted to those who have a valid reason to enter the Installation.

All vehicles entering the post are subject to search regardless of the status of the operator.

In order to gain entry to JBLM, all occupants 16 years or older must have valid photo identification.

DOD affiliated or Federal Government ID card holders may access any lane at any ACP with any type of vehicle as long as the vehicle can safely negotiate the ACP.

Family members of DoD ID Cardholders, where the family member is 17 years of age or younger, will not be designated as a Trusted Traveler.

All unaccompanied personnel presenting a U.S. driverís license or state identification card must process at a Visitor Center and undergo security vetting to receive a pass for access to JBLM.

Children who are not ID cardholders will require an ID Cardholder sponsor for access to JBLM.†† ďChildrenĒ are defined as anyone under the age of 18.

Adult visitors cannot be sponsored onto JBLM by anyone under the age of 18.

All commercial vehicles not enrolled in RAPIDGate must enter at a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Point.†† The Installations definition for a Commercial Vehicle is: Vehicles used in commerce that are a standard mini-van or larger and configured to carry cargo (other than trucks with open visible cargo beds).The only exception to this definition applies to personnel with a CAC, Military Retirees, and Family Members operating a vehicle that does not require a Commercial Driverís License when the installation is at FPCON Bravo or below.

Foreign Visitors (Any person other than a US citizen or Resident Alien) must present a valid passport with visa, and I-94 (Arrival /Departure Record), must have a valid reason to enter the installation, and must be sponsored by an Adult ID Cardholder.

Note: International Driverís licenses are only good when presented with the driverís license from the vehicle operatorís native country. An International Driverís license is not valid in the country of issuance.


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