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Police Services Division main task is that of information custodian. This includes the receipt, duplication, distribution, filling and storing of information, as well as protection of privacy and the auditing and validation of information.  Police Services provides customer service concerning police reports, tickets, civil charges, summons, release of information, blotters and other administrative actions.


 Location: Building 2007-C Rm #149

Hours of Operation:    Monday- Friday:  0900-1500
Closed on Weekends, DONSA’s and Federal Holidays


Magistrate Court Cases  253-966-6945
Report Copies/Background Checks 253-967-5835
DA Form 4833 / Ticket Information 253-966-6945
Post Suspensions/ Post Bars / Appeals 253-967-5765
Civil Charges/Service of Court Documents 253-967-5005
Office Fax 253-967-9926

   Mailing Address:        Department of the Army
                                                            DES, Police Services
                                                            Box 339500  MS 55
                                                            Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433-9500

   Accident Report / Military Police Report (MPR) Request


Military Police Report (DA Form 3975) or Accident Investigation Form (DA Form 3946) may be released to any person named in the report, legal and registered owners of the vehicles involved, owners of property damaged in an accident or their representatives.  Additionally, an attorney, insurance company or agency may request a copy by memorandum on letterhead.   Requests must be submitted to the Police Administration Customer Service window at the Military Police Station.  All requests and the report will then be forwarded to the Installation Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) office for review prior to release. All reports are released by the FOIA office, not Police Administration.  This link will take you to the request form for all types of records through our office.

 NOTE:  *** Any police report that originated from an agency other that Fort Lewis Law Enforcement is not authorized for release/secondary dissemination. The requestor will be referred to the proper/originating agency.


   Criminal History Checks / LEC Checks


The types of background checks that are conducted by our office are:



 Employment and Military Schools LEC Check



LEC Checks will be submitted on letterhead to include:  Last name, First Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and Alias, if any.  Military School memo’s must include Unit as well as what school the Soldier is attending. 



Arms Room, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E)

DA FM 7281 (PDF)   (PureEdge)   (Example)



For AA&E, complete DA Form 7281 ensuring the FULL Name (Last, First, Middle), Social Security Number and Date of Birth for the individual is included in the name block. This form will not be accepted hand written, it MUST BE TYPED. Sections I – III of DA Form 7281 MUST be completed prior to the Provost Marshal / Security Office Records Check (Section IV) and Local Civilian Law Enforcement Agency Records Check (Section V) portions can be processed. All DA Form 7281’s and other background checks are to be submitted to the office during normal business hours. 


Please allow 10 to 15 working days for processing. Follow the links below for the DA Form 7281 and examples.



   Out Processing


  All personnel need to clear the Provost Marshal through the Joint Base Vehicle Registration Center located in Waller Hall.  Individuals who have been listed as a “Subject” in a Military Police Report while on JBLM will then be directed to report to Police Services Customer Service Window.  All personnel listed as a subject in a Military Police Report will not be able to clear the Provost Marshal until a completed Commander’s Report of Action (DA Form 4833) has been received from the commander.  Clearing Papers, Military ID card, and Orders are required to clear, unless clearing a Soldier by Proxy.  (This allows our office to close &/or update open cases to forward to the Crime Records Center (CRC) in accordance with (IAW) Army Regulation).


   FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q:  I was involved in a traffic accident on Ft. Lewis and my insurance company needs a copy of the police report.  How can they get a copy and what can they get?

A:  You will need to present your Military or State identification card for verification For Traffic Accident Investigations, a DA Form 3946 is provided.  An insurance company usually does not require more than a DA Form 3946 to process a claim.  If after further investigation, the insurance company requires additional information, they may request a copy of the complete MPR by mail or fax.  The complete MPR will be forwarded to the installation FOIA office with a copy of the request and distributed from there.  Be sure to include the MPR number on any request.


Q:  I called the MP’s to file a report this morning; How and when do I get a copy of my Military Police Report (DA Form 3975)?

A:   You will need to present your Military or State identification card for verification. Please allow 21 business days from the date of the incident for your case to be fully processed through the proper channels.  Some cases my need more time due to ongoing investigations or case load.


Q:    I was issued a ticket, U.S. District Court Violation Notice (USDCVN), on post; How do I appeal it?

A:    Written on the back of the USDCVN are all of the options available to you and what steps you can take for each option.  Our office does not handle USDCVN’s.  They are processed at a centralized location through the Central Violations Bureau (CVB) and forwarded to the local Magistrate Court when applicable.  You may contact CVB directly during their hours of operation (Monday – Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm Central Time) by phone (800) 827-2982, fax (210) 301-6401, or e-mail cvb@cvbcourts.gov.  The website address for additional information or questions and answers is: www.cvb.uscourts.gov.


Q:   Can I get a copy of my ticket (USDCVN) if I misplaced/lost it?

A:   Yes, contact CVB directly.  See above question for contact information.

Q:   I received an Installation Driving Revocation/Suspension letter but my state driver’s license is valid.  Why is this?

A:   This is an administrative action taken  IAW AR 190-5.  If you were apprehended or cited for Driving While License Suspended/Revoked (DWLS/R), your installation driving privileges are revoked for 60 months (5 years); Driving Under the Influence (DUI), 12 months (1 year); tested positive on a unit urinalysis, 6 months.  If you have accumulated a prescribed amount of points within a certain allotted time frame, IAW AR 190-5, your installation driving privileges are revoked for 6 months.


Q:    My home state driver’s license is clear (as verified by my state DMV/DOL) but I was apprehended for Driving While License Suspended/Revoked.  How and why?

A:    Your home state may not suspend your driver’s license, however, your privileges may be suspended by Washington State.  For verification you can go to any Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) office to request a copy of your driving record and/or ask the customer service representative.  For the DOL locations or FAQ’s go to: www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/requestyourrecord.html


Q:  My case is over five (5) years old, how can I get a copy of it?

A:   In order to request a copy of a case older than 5 years, you must request it directly from CRC.  You may send a request by mail or fax.  To ensure the complete and correct information is contained in your request, call CRC first for assistance and guidance: (703) 806-0428, (703) 806-0424, (703) 806-0397.


Q:     I was told that I have to attend a driving school on post, what is it and why?

A:   Traffic School of the Soldier (TSOS) is an administrative requirement IAW FL Reg 190-5.  TSOS is designed to retrain and refocus Soldiers on the effects of alcohol and drugs, instruct on legal ramifications of reckless and drunk driving, reinforce safe and defensive driving techniques, and to create a unit-sponsored activity to reinforce safe driving habits.  TSOS is normally held the first (1st) Saturday of EVERY-OTHER month.  Soldiers are required to attend for apprehension for DUI, Apprehension for any other alcohol &/or drug related offenses, cited for reckless or negligent driving, apprehended or cited for driving on a state issued suspended or revoked driver’s license, or Soldiers who have demonstrated unsafe driving acts and are referred by their command.



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