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The information presented herein is intended to provide basic information and guidance to the reader regarding design and construction standards applicable to Joint Base Lewis-McChord Public Works projects.
The intent of this site is to show local criteria and preferences which are different than or in addition to the standards presented in the referenced U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Guide Specifications or standards, but is in no way intended as a substitute for the prospective designers work or judgement. All documents associated with this site are date-stamped. Prior versions of some documents are available through PW. These Standards cannot provide for all situations or conditions which might be encountered and some provisions of these documents may not be appropriate in all situations. Requirements or criteria which are mandatory are so identified, other information presented is for guidance only. These Standards are not intended to limit any innovative or creative effort which could result in improved quality, cost savings or safety. Comments, questions or other requests should be directed to the appropriate party as indicated under "CONTACT US" both on this page and on section-specific pages. In most cases the hyperlinks provided on these documents will take the user to the coversheet/index of the referenced document. Use the search engine within the selected site to refine your search.