DPTMS - Training Division

Mission Training Complex (MTC)

Mission Training Complex, MS 31 Box 339500 Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433-9500

The MTC's mission is to support commanders' collective and individual training in preparation for their wartime mission. The facilities serve Joint Base Lewis-McChord units, units around the Army (AC and RC), and units from services with a framework and infrastructure for mission planning, rehearsals, and execution of training. We serve as a digital training range, supporting training events and mission execution by linking live, virtual, and constructive (immersive) training environments and providing battlefield visualization.

The Mission Training Complex (MTC) includes a Headquarters Section / Operations Branch, Plans & Training Support Branch, JLCCTC Training Branch, and Technical Support Branch. Within these organizations are the various teams that develop and implement the training products and services we offer to our customers.

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Hours: 0730 - 1630 Monday thru Friday

Operations Phone 253-967-1460 / 4138


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