DPTMS - Training Division

Training Division

Mission: Provide Training Enabler resources across the Live-Virtual-Constructive+Gaming spectrum for all missions assigned to or using Joint Base Lewis-McChord as a training platform. Integrate Training Enablers (including MTC) across the L-V-C+G spectrum. Integrate Joint Base Lewis-McChord Training enablers with Yakima Training Center. Ensure latest technologies and training strategies are supported across all Training Enablers. Provide multimedia, graphics, and photography support for JBLM and Western Region Enterprise.

About: The DPTMS Training Division is one of four divisions within the DPTMS.  The division is responsible for the planning and management of all training enablers at JBLM and works closely with YTC. The Division oversees all training Infrastructure including Ranges/Training Areas, Classrooms, Simulations and Simulators, Battle Command and Billeting to support external units training on JBLM. Additionally, the Division oversees all JBLM Visual Information Systems support.

JBLM 350-2, Training Support

NOTE: Individual annual training can be found at TD SharePoint site. Copy and paste the following into your browser: https://army.deps.mil/army/cmds/imcom_usag6/JBLM-w/dptms/TD/wfd/SitePages/Home.aspx

Training Support Branch (TSB)

- Transient Unit Training & Exercise Support
- Individual & Institutional Training
- Installation Ammunition Management Office

Mission Training Complex (MTC)

- Battle Command & Leader Training for Large & Medium Sized Units (Collective Tng Focus)
- Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT)
- First Person Sims (FPS)
- EST 2000 - SRM, Reflexive Fire
- FBCB2 Training

Enterprise Multimedia Center (EMC)

- DA Photos and portrait photography
- Design and creation of graphics & signs for training purposes
- Multimedia/Video recording and broadcasting for special events
- On-site sound & presentation support

Western Region Training Support Center (WRTSC)

- Training Aids, Devices, Simulations & Simulators (TADSS)
- Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES)
- HEAT & MRAP Rollover
- Devices Fabrication

Training Infrastructure Work Group (TIWG)

- A multiagency group that oversees development of projects for JBLM and YTC.

Range Support & ITAM

- LFX & Non-LFX Ranges, Tng Areas/Facilities
- Sustainable Range Program (SRP)
- Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM)

Transient Training Unit Support

- Installation Support for Transient Units
- Reserve Component/ARNG Annual Training
- Installation Support for Major Exercises
- Installation Support for non DOD Agencies

  • Training Division Chief: 253-966-2866

training division




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