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Welcome to the Training Division Transient Training Unit Support web page. The purpose of this page is to facilitate installation logistical support coordination for transient units conducting AT and other training exercises at JBLM. We define transient units as any unit, to include USAR, USNG, sister services, allied foreign military units, and government agencies that is not physically located at JBLM. Primary support will be to USAR/ARNG units in the JBLM defined support areas under AR 5-9 Area Support Responsibilities and the DAMO-TRS mandated catchment areas for the Regional Collective Training Capability (RCTC). These areas include WA, OR, and Western ID and MT.

1. Please read through the JBLM 350-2, Training Support, which outlines all training enablers, their request timelines, and POCs available at JBLM and YTC. Units may access each training branch through the links listed on the left of this page: Training Support Center (TSC); Enterprise Multimedia; Mission Training Complex (MTC); Range Support & ITAM. There is also a courtesy link to the YTC Range Support Branch for activities at YTC.
2. Those wishing to train at JBLM and require services must download and follow the JBLM Transeint Training Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the step-by-step process to follow.
3. Units will need to submit a preliminary request for support on an HJB 469 to the Transient Training Group Email inbox. After preliminary approvals are obtained, units will have DIRLAUTH to coordinate directly with all support agencies for final approval of training. Initial Requests for Training (RFT) must be submitted 180 days prior to arrival and all final coordination must be complete NLT 90 days prior. Agencies and Installation Support POCs are contained in the Transient Training SOP. All submitted documents will be uploaded and managed in the respective unit’s folder on the SharePoint site. Those without CAC access will be managed by their respective proponent per the SOP.
4. Units must contact a Resource Management (RM) specialist 120 days prior to arrival. All installation support services are provided on a reimbursable basis. 253-967-7272
5. Range scheduling is done by the unit through RFMSS at the BDE level to include contract and Co-Use coordination. See Range Support & ITAM tab on this website.
6. Mission Training Complex (MTC) and Virtual Simulation requirements are obtained through submission of Training Coordination Requests (TCR) through the MTC Web Page. Please refer to the Mission Training Complex tab on this site.
7. Contact DPTMS Plans and Operations Division for any actions requiring OPORD, Large scale exercises and non-DOD event support. 253-966-2298

Units are required to conduct business on the JBLM Transient Training SharePoint site after initial approval to train is given - CAC required. See SOP below for details. JBLM SharePoint site (Ensure you select DOD Email option on CAC log in) - https://army.deps.mil/army/cmds/imcom_usag6/JBLM-w/dptms/TD/transienttraining/SitePages/Home.aspx

- JBLM Transient Training SOP 2016



- HJB 469 Transient Training Support Request


+DFAC Support Request Forms:

- Memorandum of Instruction

- DA Form 5913 Strength & Feeder Report

- DFAC Support By Name Roster


+PW Support Forms:

- Dumpster

- Portable Latrines


+ Other Agencies Forms:

+ Bus/TMPs - Agency - DOL

+ Hold Harmless Release - Agency - LEGAL. Required for all minors and Non Military personnel training and/or staying in the billets at JBLM


+ JBLM 350-2

+ Range Support & Training Areas

+ Environmental

+ Ammo

+ ASP SOP - Includes links to DA Regulations on Ammo, Transportation, Safety, and Supply

+ Vehicle/Equip Operator Testing & Licensing

+ Quick Range Reference

+ JBLM Training Map






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