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Welcome to the Training Support Branch (TSB) Individual & Institutional Training

   The TSB provides Installation level support for training military occupational skills (MOS) qualification, professional development, and mission critical functional skills for Service Members and civilians at JBLM. We plan, coordinate, schedule, and oversee the Installation and Service Schools programs and the Digital Training Facility (DTF) programs which house video teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities on JBLM. We also provide individual training support for a six state region of the Northwest per AR 5-9 to USAR, NGB and Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

ATTENTION!! There is a new HJB 888 Schools Application Form. Please utilize the new form for any new requests starting 7 NOV 2016. We will no longer accept the old form starting 2 FEB 2017.

***SAAR Process must be completed by all students using schoolhouse laptops. Laptop access is required for all classes. Failure to complete the SAAR process will result in an inability to access course material. Please complete the process through your unit S2 prior to attendance.***



NOTE: Please mark HJB 888s as follows: Last Name, Course Name, Course Dates, "FOUO" and encrypt when sending via email




+ WEEKLY SCHOOLS FY17 MASTER CALENDAR - Displays all SC415 courses, their dates, and locations. UPDATED 26 JAN 17


+ FY17 BDE SEAT ALLOCATIONS - Lists each SC415 course by title and date and shows how many seats each BDE is allotted in that class. Also lists BDE seat allocations by month and quarter. UPDATED 25 NOV 16

+ FY17 SUBQUOTA MATRIX - Lists each SC415 course, the number of students each BDE needs trained in each course, how many seats JBLM has available for FY, and how many seats each BDE is allotted per course. NOTE: Takes a few minutes to download UPDATED 16 NOV 16

+ FY17 COURSE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS - Lists each SC415 course's prerequisites, locations, start and end times, and special instructions UPDATED 3 JAN 17


+ Non 415 Troop Schools Courses at JBLM

Above Non 415 workbook includes but not limited to: COMET, Small Unit Training Team, AW/C-IED, Foreign Language & Culture Center


NOTE: If you require specific software or programs for your classes you must contact the facility manager NLT 8 weeks prior in order to coordinate with NEC.

Classrooms are a hot commodity around JBLM. TSB offers a range of classroom capabilities: computers, internet access, proxima, lecterns, and whiteboards. We also have a total of 6 Digital Training Facilities (DTFs) that offer Video Teleconferencing (VTT) capabilities in 2 separate locations.

In order to ensure a successful reservation, please adhere to the following guidelines: Classrooms should be scheduled via email a minimum of 3 months in advance. Identify classroom size, type of classroom (computer or non- computer) and name of training.  Classrooms must be signed for prior to start date/time. MTT  Sponsors or representatives for the training must be available on the first day of training to assist their trainer from unit side of JBLM.  POC must sign classroom and facility user agreements; all students must sign a computer user agreement when applicable. Cancellations must be made via email NLT 1 week prior to start date.

You will receive a confirmation via email along with instructions pertaining to our classroom and facility user agreements. Details for classroom/facility usage requirements are listed in the following forms:

Bldg 3201 & 3203 Classroom User Agreement
Bldg 3201 & 3203 Facility User Agreement
Museum Training Annex User Agreement
TSB Computer User Agreement

Classroom POCs

BLDG 3201 & 3203: 253- 967-8407
Museum Training Annex BLDG 4320, Third Floor: 253-966-0834

Find Installations you can video tele-train/tele-conference with at www.dls.army.mil and book a VTT classroom today!

VTT Classrooms: 253-968-7938

+ TSB CLASSROOM CAPABILITIES - Outlines each classroom in each facility and its capabilities

+ Other JBLM Classroom Facilities - updated 18 AUG 16



Company Commander/1SG Course Briefing - UPDATED 21 OCT 16


The JBLM CCFS Pre-Command Course trains/educates Company level leaders on their installation specific administrative, property accountability, training management, medical, and Army regulatory (program/policy) responsibilities to enable them to be effective leaders at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM).

JBLM is the pilot program for the Army’s newly designed CCFSPCC. This course is divided into a distance learning phase and resident phase. JBLM’s senior FORSCOM leadership has identified which of the 19 modules stipulated by the Department of the Army (DA) will be distance learning and which will be taught in class.

TSB has created a JBLM CCFSPCC web site that provides students their distance learning and acts as a great resource for JBLM specific information. JBLM CCCFSPCC on milSuite.

All classes are held in the Museum Training Annex BLDG 4320 room 306/336 with 42 seats available in each class for the following dates:

  • 7-18 NOV 16
  • 6-16 FEB 17
  • 10-21 APR 17
  • 8-19 MAY 17
  • 19-30 JUN 17
  • 14-25 AUG 17
  • 18-29 SEP 17


CHIEF PHONE: 253-477-4096




Ensure ALL Schools NCOs in your Company and Battalion obtain ATRRS "Review" access. BDE schools NCOs must be trained in ATRRS use prior to gaining access. See your Division Schools NCO for information. JBLM troop's school is listed in ATRRS as SC415 or "school code" 415.

+ How to Obtain ATRRS Access

+ AR 350-1

+ JBLM 350-1, 1 AUG 13 - Chapter 8

+ JBLM 350-2, 3 FEB 14 - Section 1-35

+ ATRRS Instructional Briefing- Briefing presented in Schools NCO class with step by step instructions for basic ATRRS functions/commands. 16 NOV 16

+ Enrollment Process and HJB 888 Form Instructional Briefing - Briefing presented in the Schools NCO class outlining the process and commom HJB 888 Form questions. 16 NOV 16

NEW! SCHOOLS SUBMISSIONS TRACKER- Optional tool created to help units at all levels track their schools submissions.


FY FORECASTING TOOLS: See Annual Seat Forecasting section below.

+ Quick guide checklist

+ Basic Forecasting Instructional Briefing - Breifing presented in the Schools NCO class which outlines how to forecast for upcoming FY and the tools available tpo aid in forecasting.

+ FY 17 Unit Requirements - Lists each troop school courses regulations and unit requirements

+ FY17 I Corps Subquota OPORD

+ Company Level Subquota Matrix - lists each SC415 course & the company level requirements. Used in annual forecasting. UPDATED 7 OCT 16

+ C5 Tracker Example - lists SC415 courses and Soldiers certified in each course to include certification expiration and PCS/ETS dates. Used for annual forecasting and tracking of company personnel's training. UPDATED 6 JUL 16


If you have a specific question, your BDE Schools NCOs have requested that you contact them first to ensure they are aware of your request.

BDE Schools NCOs:

DIVARTY: 966-4266
2-2 SBCT: 477-2321
1-2 SBCT: 477-2943
16 CAB: 967-1960
17 FAB: 477-4733
201 EMIB: 477-4459
555 ENG: 966-3592
42 MP: 967-4415
62 MED: 967-4491


7 ID HHC: 967-1855
593 ESC: 477-5688
I Corps HHB: 477-0206


It is imperative that all unit Schools NCO/Training Techs at all levels from Company on up attend this course prior to being designated a Schools Rep for their unit. It is open to all ranks and all levels - company to division.

This course will identify the processes and responsibilities for course enrollments and annual course forecasting. Forecasting is integral in obtaining the number of seats in each course your unit is required to fullfill per Army Regulations. Students will also be trained on the proper procedures for working within the ATRRS system.

Classes are held in BLDG 3201 Room 401 dates are as follows:

8 NOV 16; 18 JAN 17; 19 APR 17; 19 JUL 17



  Every year, each unit is required to identify how many Service Members they have trained and will keep retainability in each SC415 course for the upcoming fiscal year (FY). Once the number of Service Members trained and retainable is identified, the unit can forecast how many seats in each course they will need for the next FY by subtracting that number from the number of Service Members they are required to have trained in each course per regulation. This number is the subquota or the number of seats that unit is requesting in order to meet the regulated training requirements per course. (Number unit is required to have – number trained and will keep retainability through the next FY = subquota for that course.) These requirements are pulled from Army Regulations and the unit's M-TOE.

   Subquotas are distributed by BDE and entered into the Subquota Matrix. It is imperative that each COMPANY LEVEL Schools Rep understands this process in order to accurately capture the unit’s need which is compiled into the BDE’s request. TSB and I Corps G3 Training will co-host an annual Pre-Subquota Matrix Meeting sometime in Feb/Mar. G3 Training will publish an OPORD identifying the date, time, location, and that all Schools Reps down to the Company Level are required to attend this meeting.

       The Subquota Matrix Validation or Schools Forecasting meeting occurs in May. G3 Training will publish an OPORD identifying the date, time, location, and that all Division Schools NCOs are required to attend this meeting. Each BDE Schools NCO will be required to have their Subquota Matrix complete and sent up to division prior to this meeting. BDE Schools NCOs must understand the requirements for their units, and know their BDE’s long range training schedule in order to distribute their seats during the quarters they are not so heavily engaged in other training/exercises.





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