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4 JBLM theaters are for unit training, presentations and ceremonies according to the Usage Agreement. A minimum number of personnel are required to request a theater reservation. Theater space is a commodity on JBLM. We only book events that have a minimum of 100 or more personnel. Increase your chance of a successful reservation by submitting your request via email 6 months in advance. Two theaters have Do-It-Yourself (DIY) plug-and-play A/V systems. They are easy to use and we'll gladly show you how. If you require A/V support for your event, you may request it from Enterprise Multimedia (EMC).

To send reservation requests, copy and paste the following address into Outlook:


You should get a response to your request within 72 hours

McChord Theater is now available for unit training. BLDG 742, COL Joe Jackson BLVD, McChord Field. Contact scheduler above. Seats 492 people. No Self-Serve A/V system available.

carey theater

Facility: Carey Theater
Building: 2163, Ligget Ave across from Waller Hall
Capacity: 933
Self-Serve A/V System: NO
Note: Not available on weekends and some Thursdays when AAFES shows movies


Facility: Evergreen Theater
Building: 3405, 2nd Division Ave across from Ranger BN
Capacity: 900
Self-Serve A/V System: YES

french theater

Facility: French Theater
Building: 2004, Pendelton Ave & 9th across from MPs
Capacity: 588
Self-Serve A/V System: YES
Note: Limited Parking Available

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