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Safety Messages, Notifications & Alerts

Army Regulation 750-6 prescribes the Department of the Army policy for identification and processing of safety and maintenance technical messages for the Army equipment safety notification system including aviation (manned and unmanned aircraft) and ground combat systems and equipment. It provides guidance on the dissemination instructions for safety of flight, safety of use, aviation safety action, ground precautionary action, maintenance action, and maintenance information messages.
Medical supplies, equipment, drugs, and biological concerns covered by AR 40–61. Ammunition and explosive malfunctions covered by established surveillance procedures contained in AR 75–1, except where an issue with ammunitions and explosives is directly linked to equipment.




AR 40-61 Medical Logistics Policies (External Link)
AR 75-1 Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives (RCS CSGLD–1961(MI)) (External Link)
AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program (External Link)
AR 750-6 Army Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System (External Link)
DA Pam 385-16 System Safety Management Guide (External Link)

Ground Safety


Field Alerts (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
Ground Precautionary Message (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
Safety of Use Message (SOUM) (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
Maintenance Advisory Messages (MAM) (AEPS) requires password (External Link)


Aviation Safety

Safety Advisory Messages (SAFAM) (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
ALSE Messages requires password (External Link)
Aviation Night Vision Messages (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
Aviation Safety of Flight Messages (SOF) (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
Aviation Safety Action Messages (ASAM) (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
AirCrew Integrated System Messages (ACIS) (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
Aviation Maintenance Information Messages (AMIM) (AEPS) requires password (External Link)
Army Missile Command (AMCOM) messages that apply to Aviation (External Link)

Explosives Safety

Ammunition Information Notices (AIN) (External Link)
Notice of Ammunition Reclassification (NAR) (External Link)
Army Missile Command (AMCOM) messages that apply to Missiles (External Link)


Modification Work Orders (External Link)
Radiation Safety Information (External Link)
Marine Safety Site (External Link)
Petroleum & Water Safety Messages (External Link)
Hazardous Technical Information Bulletins (External Link)
Supply/Tech Advisories (External Link)
EMI from Portable Electronic Devices (External Link)
Uploaded M2/M3 BFV separation distance (External Link)
Chemical Defense Equipment (External Link)
Communications-Electronic Equipment (External Link)
Watercraft Safety Information (External Link)AR 95-1 Flight Regulations (External Link)
AR 95-2 Airspace, Airfields/Heliports, Flight Activities, Air Traffic Control & Navigational Aids (External Link)
AFI Interservice Publication 11-208 Department of Defense Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) System (External Link)
AR 95-11 Military Flight Data Telecommunications System (External Link)
AR 95-20 Contractor's Flight and Ground Operations (External Link)
AR 95-23 Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Regulations (External Link)
AR 95-27 Operational Procedures for Aircraft Carrying Hazardous Materials (External Link)
AR 95-30 Participation in a Military or Civil Aircraft Accident Safety Investigation (External Link)
AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program (External Link)
DA Pam 95-9 Management of Aviation Critical Safety Items (External Link)
DA Pam 385-90 Army Aviation Accident Prevention Program (External Link)
FM 10-67-1 Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (External Link)
JBLM REG 95-1 Flight Regulations
Airworthiness Directives (ADs) (External Link)