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Department of the Army, Enterprise Multimedia Center (EMC), DPTMS-TD-V, P. O. Box 339524  MS16, W 6th Street, Building 1401
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington 98433-9524
Phone: (253) 967-3177

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The Photo Studio at the Enterprise Multimedia Center (EMC) operates
on an appointment-based system. We no longer operate on a walk-in basis.
Please use our Visual Information Ordering Site (V.I.O.S.) to make an appointment.


♦ ♦ ♦    Services we provide for you    ♦ ♦ ♦
The Enterprise Multimedia Center EMC Logo provides support services for your training requirements.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY - captures still images for promotions, applications, accessions, Chain-of-Command portraits documentation of Battalion and above Change-of-Command/Change-of-Responsibility, deployments, redeployments, retirements, and a plethora of other events.
  • GRAPHICS & DESIGN - designs and creates training aides and materials such as large format tracking charts, signage, land navigation identification/markers, instructional charts, lamination, and many more.
  • VIDEO & MULTIMEDIA - records, documents, and broadcasts events such as Battalion and above Change-of-Command/Change-of-Responsibility, unit activation/casing, EEO occasions, deployments, redeployments, memorials, and numerous special events.
  • SOUND & PRESENTATION - provides on location support for conferences, briefings of 150 or more personnel utilizing state-of-the-art digital projectors, laptops, and audio equipment.

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